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Yan Wei

BFA Tsinghua Academy of Art & Design

Shows and exhibitions:


2018           Vanity, Hi Art Center, Beijing

2015          4 above Frozen, Hi Art Center, Beijing

2011          Myth, Zan 8 Art Center, Beijing


2014       Hi 21, Hi Art Center, Beijing

2013       On the Paper, Hi Art Store, Beijing

2012       portraits, Hi Art Store, Beijing

2011       unknown, J Gallery, Shanghai

2010       3rd Lvxiao Exhibition, Tokyo BTAP, Beijing

2010       Get It Louder, shanghai, Beijing

2009       Infantilization, Antwerp photo gallery, Belgium

2008       The Death of Color, Gallery 1949,  Beijing

2008       Whaleless, Strychnin Gallery, London

2008       Growth, Record Suoluo Gallery, Beijing

2008       Salon, Red box Studio, Beijing

2007       Ha Mie Gu Ha, Suoluo Gallery, Beijing

2007       Infantilization,  Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2007       The Muscle of Galaxy, NYARTS Gallery, Beijing

Public Collection:

Shanghai Art Museum 

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